Friday, August 9, 2013

AT&T 210 Corded Phone, White, 1 Handset

#4 AT&T 210 Corded Phone, White, 1 Handset

At&T 210 Corded Phone is a basic phone that's dependable and easy to use. It uses a simple corded doing and is made of sturdy construction. The base can be settled on a suitable outside or can be mounted on the wall, rescue on counter space. A 13-number memory dial feature lets to store your most frequently called numbers (up to 21 digits)--nine speed dials plus three crisis one-touch dials that are easy to program. A directory card is in case,granted to keep track of all memory dial settings. A redial feature lets to swiftly call the last outgoing estimate (up to 32 digits). Three ringer settings (off, low, and high) and three handset volume levels permit customization. Switchable tone and pulse dialing methods are also provided. The illuminated keypad helps to control the phone even in darkly lit areas, while a prog/mute button on the handset lets you hear the other party while muting your side of the conversation. It also comes backed with a one-year minute warranty.

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